My first Django deploy adventure

I’ve tried the dotcloud free account for about a month now, and I must say that is very good for staging.

Since I’m in Europe I’ve tried the alwaysdata free account too, but on the very first day I tried to show my client my work, they gave me an error (app not found or somthing like that, it was their fault not mine!). So, even though thay seemed a professional service it was a big no for me.

But in my country there’s this group of nerds that put up a few years ago their deploy service building on a bunch of patches for the linux kernel; they’re a bit more expensive than the average crappy shared hosting service, but it’s affordable and they really give you what you pay for.

On the other hand the dotcloud service seems to be too expensive: as of right now (27 May 2012) there are three plans: 0$/mo, 99$/mo and contact-for-pricing, but they’ve also lunched (a week ago) a new beta pricing system that it might turn out interesting (now it give’s you everything free during the beta period).

So at the end I’m going to keep using the dotcloud service for staging and those unbit guys’ service for production (while keeping part of my dotcloud project structure) :)


A Little Of Everything!

This is my first post, ever! And to be honest I’m a little excited, I know that I shouldn’t for a endless list of reasons, but I am a little anyway.

I never wrote in a blog/something-public-on-the-internet about me, so I’m also a little scared, but I expect nobody to read this, so I’m also a little reassured.

I don’t have very much time to spend on this, but since for now it’s like a brand new toy I guess that I’ll find a little.

I’ll just share some thoughts about things and stuff that I see around, and from time to time maybe even write a little about myself.

So, I’m not sure about what will I write, but I hope there will be enough space for a little bit of everything!